I was speaking to a tech agency boss who said it is unfair to compare code with no-code, as no-code will be an order of magnitude cheaper.

Photo by Clément H on Unsplash

Hang on. If no-code costs a tenth as much as custom code, surely you’d always use it?

He said, well no, because of GDPR, because of integrations, and because no-code will only get you 80% of where you want to go.

I’m suspicious of all these reasons. No-code will typically…

Why charities struggle to find the right digital agency, and how you can improve your chances.

It is a truth widely acknowledged that the relationship between a charity and its agency is often pretty dysfunctional. We keep hearing that ‘in the charity sector, the agency model is broken’.

At Catalyst, we launched a project called Dovetail to research what the problem is, and we’ve started to…

Andy Bell

Currently: starting SIDE— Social Impact Digital Explorers. Previously: founder @mintdigital & @boomf.

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